D-Fusion On Air uitzending
  • Datum: juli 26, 2014
  • Identificatie: DFOAWeek30
  • Label: D-Fusion On Air
  • Type: RadioShow

D-Fusion On Air week 30

Tracklist week 30 van D-Fusion On Air. Gepresenteerd door LucaCulo en Dave Laville

Eerste uur (LucaCulo en Dave Laville)

  • 1. Sometimes (Karol XVII &MB Valence Remix)

    Hanna Feat. Ajazmir
    • Lyrics

      Sometimes I get lonely, but when sadness overwhelms me,
      I remember that, sometimes isn’t always and sometimes is not forever
      sometimes I cry, because hurt causes me to shed tears
      and when the pain gets too much, sometimes I have to remind myself,
      sometimes isn’t always and sometimes is not forever,
      and sometimes we have hard times ,
      and just when I think I wanna give up
      I give myself hope in the knowledge that,
      sometimes isn’t always and isn’t forever
      sometimes I miss you and I ache to be near you
      and when I feel it will be eternity before I see you again,
      I am reminded that sometimes isn’t always and sometimes is not forever.
      sometimes I feel frustrated that things don’t happen as quickly as I would like them to
      then patience taps me on my shoulder and whispers in my ear that..

      sometimes isn’t always and sometimes is not forever..

      but you know, that if sometimes meant forever and sometimes meant always,
      then I love you only sometimes.

  • 2. Gold (Original Mix)

    Emanuel Satie
    • 3. Jodye (Original Mix)

      Kevin Over
      • 4. Insane (Stefano Noferini Re-Edit)

        Stefano Noferini, Charles Ramirez
        • 5. Angel (Hot Since 82 Vocal Mix)

          Noir & Hayze
          • 6. Nemesis (Sebastian Ledher Remix)

            Ivan Pica
            • 7. 51 Degrees Nord (Original Mix)

              Eelke Kleijn
              • 8. Summer Drops (Mendo Remix)

                Monika Kruse
                • 9. Nu Day (Stefano Noferini Remix)

                  Paul Darey
                  • 10. Long Time Awaited (Original Mix)

                    • 11. Grand Union (Original Mix)

                      Jel Ford
                      • 12. Exit (Original Mix)

                        Miss Kittin, Dubfire
                        • 13. Tale Of Memories (Original Mix)

                          Sasha Carassi
                          • 14. Viena (Hollen Remix)

                            Oscar Aguilera, George Privatti, Guille Placencia

                            Tweede uur (LucaCulo en Dave Laville)

                            • 1. Kattegat Pt.3 (Original Mix)

                              2000 And One
                              • 2. Mystic ritual (original mix)

                                Steven Tang
                                • 3. Make U Move (Original Mix)

                                  Christian Smith & Wehbba
                                  • 4. Trapped (Original Mix)

                                    • 5. Los Pistolos

                                      Julian Jeweil
                                      • 6. Breathe (Original Mix)

                                        Arjun Vagale
                                        • 7. Crazy (Zoe Xenia Mix)

                                          Cari Lekebusch & Zoe Xenia
                                          • 8. CLASSIC Timeless Altitude (Slam Paragraph)

                                            CLASSIC week 30
                                            • 9. Formidable (Original Mix)

                                              Axel Karakasis
                                              • 10. Vesperine (Original Mix)

                                                Kardinal, Lowkey
                                                • 11. Membrane (Original Mix)

                                                  • 12. Arc En Ciel (Original Mix)

                                                    Jewel Kid


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