Steve Wassenaar

DJ Steve Wassenaar started playing house in the early ninetys. But he stopped dj’ing after a few years.
His love for house music never stopped there, he just set the dj mode on a low pitch. He still collected house records, gotta love the vinyl right.
A few years ago a good friend asked me to join him in the dj booth.
It brought back the good old feelling of seeing people totally going wild on the records that we played.
That was a turning point for me, I wanted back.
I started to play again, and really lovin it for life. You know what they say: House is a way of life.
I started to organise party’s playing house music till the break of dawn. I love to play tech-house, funky and deep-house.
So if you want to have a good time listen to my music, I’ll bring you into 7th heaven.
Musical greetings from Steve Wassenaar a.k.a Steve@.D


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