Small Pete

My name is Perke Pellis, named after my father Peter, which was fundamental for my nickname “Small Pete” when I was growing up as a little kid. The day I turned 18, I reached the length of 6ft.7 (2.01m), so “Small” is in some way doubtful I guess ;-).
I grew up in Heerle, a small village close to the city of Breda in the southern region of The Netherlands. In my youth, electronic music became the biggest exportproduct from Breda. So when I was 8 years old, I listened to my first techno album. It took me a while to start DJ’ing, my first acts were all about playing oldies at local parties. When years passed by, it was the techno-scene which inspired me continuously: i found out that it’s not about just music, it’s about understanding and communicating on a whole new level.
Mixing tracks for five years now, I’m in the ongoing search of my own techno-style. Well… I guess I leave the judgement up to you: please enjoy listening to my sets and let me know what you think!

Small Pete


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