On The 3th of May 1987 Allard Drijfhout was born in Vlissingen, a city in the south of the Netherlands. when he was a young kid he was already very intrested in music, becaus e of that he played a lot of different instruments. But the moment he decided that electronical music is his thing and he wanted to start dj-ing was after visiting his first techno party, that moment was I Love Techno in 2006. He whole atmosphere at his big techno event inspired him to become a dj and to make music which can make people dance till they are to tired to dance!
In that same year he met Justin Patti, who was already dj-ing for a while then. he teached him the first basicsteps of dj-ing on his cdj’s. after a while of praticing he started to understand the dj-ing and that was also the time he decided to stick to the Techno, an addiction was Born!
After being a bedroom dj for a time he wanted to show his skills to the audience, a friend of him had a bar and he let them play there for a few times. after that he started to play more frequently and that resulted in some nice bookings. Now in 2012 he played at different great party’s and shared the dj-booth with; Alan Fitzpatrick, Bas Mooy, Pfirter, Bart Skills, Remy and a lot more…
In 2009 he starts with producing music, together with justin patti and Noisy ( She teached him a lot about Producing) and that same years their first release came out on Estocastical beats.
Because he liked the producing so much he decided to switch to the world of digital dj-ing, this way he can spice up his dj-set a little by using a lot different loops and effects. By playing this way he can use his own made music and combine it with tracks made by other producers and by this way he creates his own sound.
In the beginning of 2010 He and justin patti started to give there own partys in a small djcafe in their home town Rotterdam. Now a few years later he still gives party’s at different locations in Rotterdam.
Since the year 2012 he also hosted a radioshow on the famous XT3 Techno Radio together with Justin Patti and Rachid Prins, by hosting this radio show he meets a lot of new dj’s and producers from the dutch techno scene. this gives him a new look on things and because of that hise style keeps evolving and he keeps focusing to the music to get the maximum out of it.

Expect a fresh combination of funky techno with a dark twist and groovy percussions


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