DJ Brasco

Gabriel Bras also known as dj Brasco was born and raised in Gorinchem, the Netherlands on October 23rd 1971.
As a teenager he would go to clubs and see the dj’s play. This inspired him to make his own music.
In his room he would tape Ben Liebrand and at the age of 26 he bought two technics 1200sl record players and a mixing panel.Twice a month he would buy records in Rotterdam and Eindhoven.
In 1998 he was asked to play every Friday on radio station Channel X ( Radio Atlantis) in Woudrichem by Raf Jansen, who is now producer for dj’s such as Fedde le Grand and Funkerman.
He also played in Gorinchem and surroundings on a regular basis.
After a few years he unfortunately stopped doing what he loved to do best. The costs of records were getting too expensive.
In 2006 he moved to his current residence; Bergen op Zoom.
As music is his biggest passion, he picked it up again and bought 2 CDJ 1000 players.
After a year of practice he was able to play in clubs.
Dj Brasco has proved himself to be a well seen dj in clubs and festivals, not only in the Netherlands but in Belgium as well.
His style at this moment is best to be discribed as club music mixed with a little progressive and nice vocals; uplifting sets with thoughtful structure of music; swinging groovy beats and a lot of alternation.

Residents and clubs where he has played so far:
Delicious Outdoor( Gorinchem) Club X-clusive Organza( Maarssen) La Dolce Vita, Mondo Verde ( Limburg) The Space Factory, Club opdesluisen (IJmuiden) Garden of Lust, Eindelijk Weer (Almere) Summerdance,groenmarkt (Gorinchem) Léxcellent, Lexion (Westzaan) 1001 Harem Nights, Mondo Verde (Limburg) Indecent Proposel,Eindelijk Weer ( Almere) DanceVibbez,Crystal Venue (Culemborg) 7th Heaven, Eindelijk Weer ( Almere) Exceptionnel Gold, the Cave ( Berg en Terbijt) Spotlight, One ( Woerden) VIP the Kickoff,Spot ( Bussum) Tropical Festival, Dolce Vita ( Herten) Sultriness, ARE48 ( Zaandam) Burlesque, Maassilo (Rotterdam) Teaselious, Inc Avenue ( Vlaardingen) Creations, Lichtfabriek ( Haarlem) B.I.T.C.H , North Sea Venue (Zaandam) Glorious, Feesttent ( Helvoirt) Beachvibez Festival, Eindelijk Weer ( Almere) Creations, The Island ( IJmuiden) Sunday Lounge, st jan kerk ( Roosendaal) Fabulous Vibes, Circle Club (België) Creations on the Beach, Deining ( Castricum) Be Privileged, (Bloemendaal) Lips, Ibiza 2013, ZEST, Monaco 2013, Ibiza 2013-2014


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